It is a time of great unrest in the realm of Lumenorus.  With every passing day, the struggles between the armies of darkness and of those loyal to the King continue to escalate.   


Although it will be hard for our legions to comprehend, it has been more than eight years since the gates of Arcātheos last opened. We will do our best to bring you up to speed with all that has transpired, here in the Front Lines


Much has transpired in Lumenorus since the burning of the Valgray's tower nearly ten months ago. This exciting edition will bring you up to speed on recent changes to the law, the upcoming pilgrimage of Lord Valerian, and who he will leave in his place as Hand of the King. In addition, the frontlines is now able to confirm that the rumors of Reth Maloch training a dark apprentice are in fact true.


Growing concerns over recent attacks on the Granaks' settlements continue, with many of their warriors being still unaccounted for.  The wounded survivors still report tracks leading toward the shadows to the East, but fear has prevented any pursuit...

2011 (ii)

The peace of the King is especially strong within the walls of Arcātheos at this time of year. The feast in Hagman Hall was a magnificient splendor to behold, with many guests invited from all four corners of Lumenorus.  Meanwhile, strange tracks have been spotted in the outer settlements to the East. The head of the Royal Guard, Aurelius, has set out with Commander Reinhart of Meridianas to investigate further... 

2011 (i)

Much has happened since the capture of Carthaneous by the King's forces several weeks ago. Word of the heroic battle fought before the Tower of Praedor is spreading throughout the realm of Lumenorus. The valiant efforts of the Legion of Arcātheos, led by General Theseus of Rhodes, is still the only worthwhile conversation in the local Taverns. Meanwhile, the bulk of the Legion is on leave, resuming their training in civilian matters.