Arcātheos Knighthood


Arcātheos Knighthood (formerly known as 'Officer Training'), is the new name of our revamped leadership program for Catholic boys ages 13-17. During this rigorous time of formation, boys are prepared with essential skills that will not only enrich their lives back at home, but will prepare them to lead the younger boys at camp. 

Decisions for acceptance will start being made known by May 30th of each year. Those who are accepted will be given a password to access the “Officer’s Only” page below. From there they can download their pre-camp preparation packages.  This will include a small research assignment, as well as some reading material to help them prepare for the journey beginning on day one of Officer Training. 

2017 Admission Requirements:

1. Complete the online registration including all applicable forms

2. Provide proof of Baptism as a Roman Catholic (copy of certificate) 

3. Provide proof you will be 13 years or older as of July 26th 2017 (exceptions can be considered on an individual basis)

4. Complete and submit the 2017 Knighthood essay topic (this will be posted prior to the opening of online registration)

5. Once accepted, you will be given a password to access a pre-camp registration package. You must consent to giving sufficient time to reviewing the information that will be contained here. 

You will then be contacted by the admissions committee to know if you have been approved for the 2017 camp. Unfortunately, we are not able to grant admission to all applicants. 


From Current Knights:

I can truly say that attending Arcātheos has changed me for better and has helped me to deepen my relationship with Christ. During the ten amazing days of Camp, we received rigorous training, not only in areas of physical strength and skill, but also in spiritual areas, which I found to be very beneficial.

As a Cohort Leader in the past year, I can say that God really pushed me to take my confidence, strengths and skills to new heights, as well as step out my comfort zone, for the sake of the boys who had been placed in my charge. I had initially wanted to be put in the lowest rank, but clearly Christ had other plans, and while I was rather surprised and intimidated at first, my doubts were quickly laid to rest after a time of prayer.

While I did not believe I was worthy of the responsibility that had been entrusted to me, I put maximum effort into my responsibilities, and now looking back, I can see that this experience greatly increased both my confidence and my trust in God, helping me to more easily face problems in real life, knowing that God is always in control, and working through me for the good of everyone I come into contact with.

Cohort Leader,

Alain Gratton


Over the years that I have been coming to Arcātheos, I have learned much
and done much.  I have gained help from God in the form of virtues. But the
one where I know the King has helped me the most is humility. At camp the
boys look up to the officers for help and guidance, and we do the best that
we can with what our God has given us. With the humility that I have
learned from God, I understand not only the boys and my fellow officers
better, but myself better as well. Before I came to Arcātheos for the first
time (then called Rivendell) I knew that I wasn't  perfect, but I did not
know how I could be better. Now that I have been going to camp for four
years, I know now how I can improve. In humility and other virtues I have
become a better person, a better officer, and a better man than before I
answered the God's call in my life to be His servant. Now I understand what
the Church means to me as a Catholic and what my role in the world means to
me as a Servant of Christ.

Squad Leader,

John van den Bosch