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 Arcātheos summer 2017 - "The Reckoning"

"Plagued by recurring visions of the cataclysmic destruction of Arcātheos, Lord Valerian has urged us all to intensify our time in prayer and training. Here on the far eastern front, I have just beheld a foe of such devastating power, as to be worthy of the threat envisioned!"   Castius 


Note: These fees only cover 60% of the actual cost per camper, the rest is fundraised by our generous team of volunteers.

Arcātheos - (boys 7-12 years old)

Dates: Monday July 31st (2pm) - Saturday August 5th (2pm)

First Boy $429
additional boys $399 (in family)
** the attendance of a responsible male adult is mandatory for boys 7-8 years old** 

Arcātheos Knighthood (formerly Officer Training) - boys 13-17 years old

Dates: Wednesday July 26th (2pm) - Saturday August 5th (2pm)

First Boy $629
additional boys $599 (in family)

Dads (required for sons aged 7-8, welcome for older boys)

Full Camp $349 (July 26- Aug 5)
6 days $319 (Jul 31 - Aug 5)


We ask the team to cover their own expenses, as a further gift to reduce costs for the boys.


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