The Front Lines

The Reckoning


Last year saw the recovery of Reth Caedus from his grievous wound.  Of greater import was the appearance of Reth Maloch himself having not been seen for over one hundred years...

The Flash Point

Instructed by his father, Reth Caedus sought out the sword of Morinius which aided in the capture of Lord Valerian.  The ArchLord was only saved by the Intervention of the Queen who had not been seen in the realm of Arcātheos for several years.  This forced retreat caused grief between Reth Maloch and Reth Caedus. This is not without precedent as the apprentice is wont to rebel against the master.  Perhaps this dissent will prove beneficial to the Legion.

Duxarium Lost

The lost Duxarium, Mara, has herself begun the trials of apprenticeship under the tutelage of Reth Caedus.  Having rejected the mercy of the King, she has devoted herself fully to Reth Caedus and his cause. The training of Mara is an act of defiance towards Reth Maloch, but will he stand for such an affront?

A Sad Farewell     

The King has called ArchLord Valerian away from Arcātheos for a period of time.  The reason for his absence and the length of time are both a mystery. There was much sadness when this was announced, but all must hope and trust in the Will of the King.   Brother Tarsus has elected to extend his stay in Arcātheos another season to look after the Realm in the absence of Lord Valerian. General Praefortis has found himself some extra help with the new aide.  With his help and that of the Duxarium Castius, the General may now more effectively lead the Legion. Without a doubt, Arcātheos is more than capable to stand against the powers of darkness.