The Front Lines

Into the Storm


It is a time of great unrest in the realm of Lumenorus.  With every passing day, the struggles between the armies of darkness and of those loyal to the King continue to escalate.   

Breaking Point

Either way, mystery surrounds the new source of their power, and the Dröch continue in their wanton destruction. With every battle the noose tightens on the neck of the defenders. Some say that General Praefortis is nearing a breaking point. His soldiers are stout, but those of the enemy are innumerable.

With every passing day, a steady stream of casualties pour in from the front lines. The hospitals are full and supplies are running low. Arch-Lord Valerian has placed full trust in the providence of the King to supply their needs, but the good General still worries. Will the Legion of Arcātheos arrive in time?  If they do, will they have what it takes to weather the coming storm?