The Front Lines

Strength in Wisdom


Although it will be hard for our legions to comprehend, it has been more than eight years since the gates of Arcātheos last opened. We will do our best to bring you up to speed with all that has transpired, here in the Front Lines

Dark Powers Rising

Despite great efforts to find him, Zothaniel the Betrayer remains at large with the Key of Silentious still in his possession. This of course is the mysterious artifact that Lord Valerian discovered deep in the abyss, well before the dawn of the first age. The key was stolen while in the care of Aurelius, in the moment that revealed that he was in fact the Dark Apprentice. Since he is not an Arch-Lord, Zothaniel lacks the natural ability to harness the springs of Lumenorus, which is necessary to create a stable passage between realms. However, this servant of Reth Maloch has discovered that the key can be used to transport himself across great distances in the same realm. It is now believed he is attempting to harness this power to form the semblance of a gate, so as to transport Dröch instantly across entire battlefields.

Through the personal attention of the Dark Apprentice, new Dröch Legions under his guidance are considered to be far superior than we have seen in the past. His knowledge, as a former member of the Royal Duxarium Guard, has become a serious complication for the King’s forces. The Rangers suffered a demoralizing blow last month, when a small troop was captured due to the imprudent decision of a senior officer. Apparently the officer had been ordered not to engage the enemy until reinforcements had arrived, an action that may well have been his last.

To counter this increasing threat, Lord Valerian has entrusted General Praefortis to personally oversee new fortications to the main castle. For above all, this one portal remains the coveted prize of the enemy. Through this gate, evil could pass freely into Captivenia, or journey further into the realm of mortals.

Messengers of the King

Ambassador Gawan has taken a more prominent role in his duties of diplomacy. He has been away for months improving trade relations between kingdoms, and providing the aid of Arcātheos to recently attacked settlements. His reputation continues to spread as a man filled with hope, who inspires many who have suffered from the recent war. Not wanting to leave a messenger of the King unprotected, Aurelius arranged for a unit of Praedorian Rangers to ensure Gawan’s safety during his travels. He is expected back within weeks, and will likely be accompanied by Ambassador Ignatius from Meridianas.

Castle Expansions

General Praefortis has once again taken to his skills as both architect and engineer, by bringing many improvements to the upper castle. No doubt our legions will be in awe as they pass through the gate and realize it has been transformed from a simple defensive structure, into a bustling center of castle life. Not only has he strengthened that which already existed, he has gone so far as to create an additional courtyard. By doing so, he has more than doubled the size of the outerwalls. Further to this, Praefortis could not bear the thought of Lord Valerian’s throne and lodgings being so exposed in the open field. Especially after several attempts had been made on the Arch-Lord’s life over the past year alone. He pressed the matter for nearly three months, until at last Valerian consented to moving the Royal Court within the safety of the walls. This was a difficult decision, but when the King revealed that no harm would befall the chapel, it made sense strategically for the Guardian of Arcātheos to be closer to his gate.