The Front Lines

A Brotherhood Tested


Much has transpired in Lumenorus since the burning of the Valgrey's tower nearly ten months ago.

This exciting edition will bring you up to speed on recent changes to the law, the upcoming pilgrimage of Lord Valerian, and who he will leave in his place as Hand of the King. In addition, the frontlines is now able to confirm that the rumors of Reth Maloch training a dark apprentice are in fact true.

A People Returned

Nearly ten months ago, the realm of Lumenorus was witness to a historic event. Chieftain Farus of the Granaks, long thought to be dead, was found to be alive in captivity. After being taken from the Nesroc Gladiator Ring, he came before the Royal Court to stand trial for his presumed collaboration with the enemy. Official court records show that the Hand of the King, Lord Valerian, personally defended the reputation of Farus, and made known to him the mercy of our King. Our messengers have been following Farus since then, as he went from village to village convincing many of the fallen Granak to re-unite with Arcātheos.

Reforms to the Law

Many were troubled by the fate of the Nesroc Leader last summer. Though this barbaric leader’s crimes of genocide and slavery were public knowledge, the fact that he was not permitted the opportunity to petition the mercy of the King was brought into question. Although Head of the Royal Guard, and therefore given the authority to sit in judgment in the Royal Court, Aurelius found himself standing before the three Arch-Lords who remain loyal to the King. For those unaware, these include Legarious, Praesidium and Valerian. What did come forth from this, was a clarification of the law to require a fair trial of all enemies taken captive, especially when considering such a severe sentence. Aurelius asked forgiveness for his lack of mercy to the high council. Given the previous lack of clarity in the law, he was cleared of any malice, and has since returned to his duties.

Valerian’s Pilgrimage & The Moving of a Castle

Lord Valerian is preparing to leave on his centennial pilgrimage to the West. This is in keeping with a petition he made to the King long ago, that he would be able to lay down his powers for at least a moon’s cycle, as a reminder that his strength is not his own. He was greatly concerned that the powers entrusted to him could one day lead to his own corruption. The King had been quite pleased with this request, to which he continues to honor every one hundred years.

Prior to leaving on his pilgrimage of humility, the King instructed Valerian to make some drastic changes to our current fortifications. Instructions were given to move the entire castle into the forest, so as to better safeguard the main gate. Being the largest portal in Lumenorus, this gate can allow entire Legions to pass between realms in a moment of time.

With the recent escape of Reth Maloch from the Pit of Silentious, no doubt the protection of Earth will soon fall on the shoulders of our brave legion. With the reassignment of General Rhodes & the coming absence of Lord Valerian, Aurelius now stands as Hand of the King, Head of the Royal Guard, and Legion Commander of Arcātheos. He will spend seven days in prayer and fasting in the temple, prior to accepting the key to the main gate.

A Dark Apprentice?

In more troubling news, there are rumors that Reth Maloch has been secretly training an apprentice to rule his armies. This mentoring is not just in the skills of battle, but in the ancient knowledge of the Arch-Lords. The thought of an enemy wielding that kind of power, walking illusively amongst us, will certainly test the leadership of Aurelius in the coming days. He has already sent a messenger requesting the wise council of Tarsus, who is a noble and holy monk serving the King’s temple in Meridianas. He is believed to be leaving shortly, and will be accompanied by Prince Reinhart.

Over the past six months, three seperate groups of Rangers scouting the outer settlements have not returned. In Caelor, an entire clan of Norselords were annihilated by this yet unnamed foe. The identity of this dark assassin came very close to being revealed. A partial message, forged in the blood of a dying soldier, read the following disturbing words:

“Betrayed from within, one of our own brothers! May the wrath of the King fall upon the traitor known as...”