The Front Lines

A New Prince


Growing concerns over recent attacks on the Granaks' settlements continue, with many of their warriors being still unaccounted for. 

The wounded survivors still report tracks leading toward the shadows to the East, but fear has prevented any pursuit...

Commander Reinhart has returned suddenly from his mission. He reports that Aurelius allowed himself to be captured by the Dröch, in hopes to aid the prisoners.  He believed they were being sentenced to die in the Nesroc Gladiator Ring for sport. On his arrival to Arcātheos, Commander Reinhart learned that he was to be elevated by succession to the throne, as the Prince of Meridianas.

It had long been rumored that he was a descendent of royal blood, and a scroll attesting to his birth was recently presented to the royal court. It is undeniable now that he is the nephew of Annalise, and therefore first cousin to Princess Leisuara of Captivenia. He was humbled by this news, as his parents had been killed while he was a small child. They say he was found wandering the battlefields at the age of four, with no other survivors to speak for him. He was then raised by a noble family who enlisted him in the military.

Prince Reinhart, as he shall soon be titled, was expected to return South for his coronation ceremony. However, I have learned he plans first to head East with a unit of Praedorian Rangers, so as to discover the fate of Aurelius.

The Eldar Tree

Meanwhile, the mystery continues about the burning of the Eldar Tree in the heart of Caelor. Many of us can still recount the stories passed down by our grandfathers, and how it was planted by the Arch-Lord Legarious, after the great slaughter.  It was to be sign that the Duxarium would always protect these Northern lands.  Its demise has been considered a bad omen by the natives, many of whom have abandoned their petitions to the King, seeking solace in their fortifications.

Their new leader, Tacharus, refused to make pilgrimage to the King's temple in Arcātheos this December, a break in what has been over two thousand years of tradition. Chieftain Thorhelm has set off with his Norselords to encourage Tacharus not to faulter in his faith.

Garrison of Praedor

In other news, Centurion Praefortis is adjusting  to his new commission as Garrison Commander. His leadership and ingenious seige weapons were pivotal in the battle against Carthaneous last summer.  He will have at his disposal two active Ranger units, his former Artillery troops, and a new Infantry section from Solandil.

He has been tasked with strengthening the Garrison defences, and overseeing the battleskills training of the Legion. He has been experimenting with new longer range weaponry, in anticipation of an inevitable assault by Maloch and his minions.

With all these exciting developments, we have been forced to recruit more reporters to expand the circulation of the Front Lines throughout the King's realm.