The Front Lines

Tracks in the Snow

2011 (ii)

The peace of the King is especially strong within the walls of Arcātheos at this time of year. The feast in Hagman Hall was a magnificient splendor to behold, with many guests invited from all four corners of Lumenorus.

dsc05424Meanwhile, strange tracks have been spotted in the outer settlements to the East. The head of the Royal Guard, Aurelius, has set out with Commander Reinhart of Meridianas to investigate further...

The Granaks, who are descendants of Caelor (loyal to Chief Granak before the great slaughter), have been living on the edge of the shadow for generations. Many times Lord Valerian has offered his hand in friendship, and many times they have refused. They have openly denounced the existence of the King, while never going so far as to side with Maloch. Thus, they live as outcasts by their own choosing. And however noble their intentions were in the past, they have become truly lost. The Granaks have turned to thievery and deceit, so as to sustain their dying clan.

aurelius at riverAll I know is that Aurelius must be greatly concerned for their welfare, venturing so close to the shadow without an army. They say it is his 'love for souls,' who possess any hope for salvation, that drives him to perform such heroic deeds. This virtue was poured out upon his family by the King himself back in the days when his father served in the ancient court.

And of course Commander Reinhart is no stranger to virtue himself, having proved his loyalty and fortitude against Carthaneous last summer. I pray for the King's blessing on their quest, and a safe return.