The Front Lines

A Time of Calm

2011 (i)

Much has happened since the capture of Carthaneous by the King's forces several weeks ago. Word of the heroic battle fought before the Tower of Praedor is spreading throughout the realm of Lumenorus.

The valiant efforts of the Legion of Arcātheos, led by General Theseus of Rhodes, is still the only worthwhile conversation in the local Taverns. Meanwhile, the bulk of the Legion is on leave, resuming their training in civilian matters.

The Princess Leisuara and her entourage have safely returned to Captivenia, escorted personally by the Rangers. She extends her warmest gratitude to all the men who laid down their lives to protect her and her Kingdom.

duxarium patrolLord Valerian and the Duxarium have been troubled since their interogation of Carthaneous, but I am uncertain as to why at this point. It concerns me to see their hearts so burdened, while others are enjoying the calm afforded them through much sacrifice.

They have only revealed what they have learned to the high council, though if it is as big as it appears to be, it is only a matter of time before we'll publish it here in The Front Lines!