Mentioned below are some of the many virtuous souls from throughout the realm of Lumenorus who have pledged their allegiance to the King. They are descendants of the first humans who entered into Lumenorus back in the year 542 of the 1st Age.  Since then, and based on the properties of the Springs of Lumenorus, the average lifespan for these mortals who chose to dwell in this realm increased to 150 to 200 years on average. They are the valiant ones who continue to sacrifice much for both Arcātheos and Captivenia. 


General Praefortis

heros and villains praefortisRace: Human
Origins: Lumenorus, born in the year 46 of the 2nd Age
Current Age: 114 years old in the year 160 of the 2nd Age
Skill Mastery: Swordsmanship, Artillery, Strategy of War
Chief Virtue: Prudence
Commission: Legion Commander of Arcātheos

Descending from a distinguished line of military leaders, his grandfather died protecting Aurelius, as one of the first Praedorian Rangers in the Great War. After the subsequent death of his father, at the hands of the enemy, he made a silent vow to help rid Lumenorus of all evil.

His early career was an aggressive campaign of ruthless battles, driving the enemy day by day further into the East. The courage and valor he displayed during this time led to several promotions. However, it was his passion to take on evil by himself that became his downfall.

He was tricked into serving the very enemy he had sworn to hate, and viciously attacked a settlement he believed to be hostile. At this darkest moment, when he realized several servants of the King lay mortally wounded through the imprudent will of his sword, the King’s mercy came to him through the healing hands of Lord Valerian. By a singular grace of the King, and after several weeks of a physician’s care, each of the wounded was snatched from the grips of death. Thus Praefortis’ conscience was spared from an even deeper guilt than the many he already bore. For a year he made penance by rebuilding the small village he had attacked in haste. He was a changed man, fully aware of his need to follow the will of the King in all matters, rather than his own. Fully reinstated into the King’s forces, he was in turn elevated to the rank of General. 


General Titus

Race: Humanheros and villains titus 02 
Origins: Lumenorus, born in the year 53 of the 2nd Age
Current Age: 107 years old in the year 160 of the 2nd Age
Skill Mastery: Close Combat, Swordsmanship
Chief Virtue: Justice 
Commission & Title: General of the Praedorian Rangers

Amos, as he was originally named, suffered greatly at the age of 14 when Dröch massacred his village in eastern Praedor. His father, a renowned and virtuous Ranger, was credited with saving the lives of everyone except himself and his wife. For 6 years Amos was held in captivity by the Droch, forced to fight and steal to survive as he slaved in the mines of Tenebror.  Failing to see the King’s hand in his escape, these dark years left their mark and he publicly rejected his faith. In a spiral of moral decay, he was sentenced to prison in Meridianas Arbor after burning a tavern to the ground in a quarrel.

It was there that his path crossed with Gawan, the newly appointed Ambassador of Arcātheos. After spending time with Gawan, he was reminded of his father’s legacy and asked to know the great forgiveness and mercy the King grants. Seeing that his heart was sincere, Gawan made arrangements to bring him before ArchLord Legarius. Though he received a pardon, Amos stood before the court unable to make restitution towards the family who had suffered financial ruin at his hand. Unbeknownst to him, arrangements were made by the Praedorian Rangers to pay his debt in exchange for 12 years of military service.  Working up the ranks, he has vowed to honour his parent’s memory through his own journey in holiness.

He has continued to serve faithfully with the Praedorian Rangers long after his term had passed. In the year 151 of the 2nd age, he was renamed Titus by ArchLord Valerian, the true meaning of which was disclosed only to himself. In the year 157 of the 2nd age, he was promoted to the rank of General. 


Earl Gawan

Race: Humanheros and villains gawan
Lumenorus, born in the year 45 of the 2nd Age
Current Age: 
115 years old in the year 160 of the 2nd Age
Skill Mastery:
Chief Virtue:
Commission: Former Ambassador of Arcātheos, Earl of Shanoth

Gawan was born in the city of Shanoth, south of the Great River, soon after the dawn of the second age. His parents were successful merchants who strengthened trade between Meridianas and Captivenia. Growing up, his family traveled regularly into Arcātheos, passing through the main gate into the protected realm. When he was sixteen, he was allowed to venture off to sit in attendance at the Royal Court of Arcātheos. 

While in session, a rather complicated dispute between neighboring settlements was being debated. The proceedings were interrupted when Gawan was singled out of the crowd and asked to give his impression on the matter. After its conclusion, he was affirmed for his wisdom, and his friends were invited by ArchLord Valerian into the King's temple. From that day forward to his surprise, a member of the Royal Guard was assigned to protect him as he progressed through his studies, back in Meridianas Arbor. At the age of 23, he returned to Arcātheos and served as Ambassador for 90 years. 

When the former Earl of Shanoth, who had no surviving children passed away earlier this year, it was discovered that he left his entire inheritance to Gawan. It is rumoured that the former Earl had been deeply inspired by his successor's passion for the ways of the King. 


Commander Tharin

Race: Humanheros and villains tharin
Lumenorus, born in the year 112 of the 2nd Age
Current Age: 
48 years old in the year 160 of the 2nd Age
Skill Mastery:
Swordsmanship & Hand to Hand Combat
Chief Virtue:
Commission: Commander, Legion of Arcātheos

From a young age Tharin was pressured into a life of thievery by his family. Despite his misguided upbringing in the troubled regions of Ferredon he often longed for the peace afforded to those dwelling in Solandil to the South. Though his parents had a great distrust of the Duxarium he sensed the joy of heart they possessed. He witnessed this directly in a humble monk he met on several occasions, whom he would go on to wrestle his misunderstandings with throughout the years. This monk would turn out to be ArchLord Legarius who often disguised his identity as he travelled to reach those in the diaspora. 

Tharin's troubled past would catch up to him after causing harm to Chancellor Veronica of Captivenia. He was justly sentenced for that, as well as all his previous crimes, and ended up serving time in a prison in Southern Caelor. It was ArchLord Legarius who one day declared the King's mercyand ended his time of imprisonment. As a redeemed criminal Tharin has a sincere desire to help those who have lost their way, and he sacrificed much to help bring many lost souls to the healing grace of the King. Eager to atone for the harm he had caused he enlisted as an officer with the Legion of Arcātheos to serve the needs of the realm. 

Castius, who serves as the Commander of Valerian's Royal Guard, offered to personally overses Tharin's training in swordsmanship. Even more surprising, it came to light that Commander Castius gifted him a dagger made of pure Magnarium as a sign of respect for the degree of repentence Tharin had displayed.