These are some of the many virtuous men and women from the realm of Lumenorus who have pledged their allegiance to the King.

Princess Leisuara

heros and villains leisaura 2Origins: Duxarium & Lumenorian
Born: 1st Age, 1737th year 
Gifts: Knowledge, Visions, Light of the King
Titles: Princess of Captivenia & Meridianas

A Royal Lineage
Leisuara is a unique creation in her own right, born of the union between an immortal Duxarium and a Lumenorian.  Her father was the mighty Arch-Lord Gabron, one of The Seven who was chosen by the King to rule over the Duxarium with great power. Only days after her birth, Lord Gabon gave his fatherly blessing and left urgently to defend Valerian’s Gate on the Hill of the King. There, he died heroically defending the realm from Reth Maloch and his legions. Her mother was the enchanting Princess Annalise of Meridianas, a direct descendant of the Florian bloodline. In the year 1267 of the 1st Age, after the horrific battles of Caelor, the Lumenorians asked Arch-Lord Legarius to help them establish a leader of their own. Legarius is said to have chosen a righteous man named Florian, after seeing the image of the King’s hand resting upon him. At the age of 74 he was declared the first Prince of Meridianas.  Florian lived until the year 1683, when at the age of 490 years old he died peacefully in prayer. His only surviving heir was his daughter Annalise, born in the year 1356, who would assume the throne and lead her people with elloquence and grace.

Dawn of Captivenia
After the death of her father, Lord Valerian knew that Leisaura and her mother would be forever hunted by the Dröch army.  He therefore forged a hidden passage within the main gate of Arcātheos, creating the mysterious sanctuary deep in the woodlands of Guarelle.  He then chose four hundred villagers, displaced by the uprisings, and gave them the opportunity to settle in this protected region he named Captivenia.  Commander Justin of Solandil was appointed to be the first Keeper of this region, and his family was entrusted with a prophecy about the days of the coming heir. Unknown to the settlers, Princess Annalise had entered with her daughter in the first year of the second age, accompanied by two female Duxarium. They journeyed on farther than the others, finding an area of total seclusion at the base of a beautiful mountain.  After the natural death of her mother at the age of 392 years old, Leisaura continued her formation at the hands of the Duxarium. Due to her father’s lineage, Leisaura was herself blessed with immortality and would be crowned as the rightful heir of Captivenia in the year 146.  

Her Mission
After helping to convert the infamous Phantor two years later, her kingdom would soon be tested by a much darker foe. Zothaniel the Betrayer, now known as Reth Caedus, discovered a way to breach the sanctuary and has since created new ways into Captivenia. In the year 152 she was given a special honour, and was permitted to see the King face to face. Since then she has grown in the gift of Knowledge, and has been granted special visions to see events transpiring in various kingdoms. She sees the mission of Captivenia to bring the King’s message and healing to distant lands. To meet this need, she has invited all Captivenians to receive the formation they need to be ambassadors of the King.