The Valgrey

Here the accounts of those who have fallen will be given mention. Though they were born of the Duxarium race, they have rejected the grace of the King and have forgotten the very nature they were created to encapsulate.  Bereft of the King's grace, they constantly seek to inflict harm on those who continue to serve the Legion of Arcātheos.

Commander NEfariel

Race: Duxarium, Inferiun BloodlineNefariel
Elethia, born 6,241 years before the 1st Age
Current Age:
8,135 in the year 157 of the 2nd Age
Skill Mastery:
Knowledge of Earth and Air, Master Assassin
Chief Vices:

Nefariel was born on an island located six leagues off the northern coast of Elethia. His family was estranged from the ways of the King, and he grew up in a shadow of mistrust towards those who lived in peace on the main island. From an early age, he was subjected to a brutally intense formation that would eventually lead him to stand as one of the most fearsome assassins ever trained in the old realm.  

Wanting to grow in favour with his father, he set out to recruit as many Duxarium to their cause as he could. Spurned on by his earlier successes, he set himself on a target that would have merited him great esteem among all who would one day be known openly as the Valgrey. For it was known to them that Illyria was considered gifted beyond all other females in Elethia. If he were to win her to their side, her powers, which not even she was fully aware of at the time, could have turned the outcome of the war, that would one day ravage the Isle of the Blessed. After being rejected openly by Illyria, who called him out for what he was, he became emboldened in his attempts to punish her for her refusal.

It is believed he must have left the old realm with the main Valgrey fleet, as they pursued the Duxarium across the Sea of Realms. He certainly did well to conceal himself, as there exist no known accounts of him in the history of Lumenorus, that is until the Great Battle of the First Age in 1736. His ferocity in battle was overwhelming, and he played a key role in taking the Tower of Praedor. His skills in the manipulation of matter are so advanced amongst the Inferiun bloodline, that he is able to come in and out of form, as he fights his opponent. He was not seen again until the year 155 of the Second Age, and now appears to have made an alliance with Reth Caedus.  


reth Caedus

Wreth Caedus BioRace: Duxarium, Inferiun Bloodline
Lumenorus, born in the year 266 of the 1st Age
Current Age: 1,628 in the year 157 of the 2nd Age
Skill Mastery:
Knowledge of Fire and Swordsmanship
Chief Vices:
Envy and Arrogance   

He was found as a small child wandering alone at the base of Mount Zotheus by ArchLord Valerian. Having no known relatives, he was allowed to be raised in the temple and was given the name Zothaniel. He would rise in stature and eventually stand amongst the greatest of the Duxarium, destined to live forever serving the King after being afforded such a life of grace.

Towards the end of the 1st Age, a trickle of doubt began to seep into his once pure and noble mind. His whole being began to be tested at the outbreak of the Great War. Unlike his close friend Aurelius who was sent to the defense of Praedor, Zothaniel remained at the side of ArchLord Valerian in Arcātheos. Despite the fall of Praedor, Aurelius returned as a decorated hero. He and Aurelius were united in the last defense on the Hill of the King. They had both trained their whole lives for such a moment and they knew it would be an honour to die at the side of ArchLord Valerian. 

Of the heroes to emerge from the Great War, Aurelius was given a far greater honour than Zothaniel received. All the deeds of Zothaniel would in time be forgotten and pass into history. His jealousy inevitably turned to hate. Hatred towards Aurelius and his glory, hatred towards Valerian for not seeing his potential, and hatred towards the King whom he felt caused him to suffer so. Like a whisper, the spirit of Reth Maloch spoke to him offering power, glory and the acceptance he craved. After all, when one's heart is full of arrogance there is no room for the words of the King. Zothaniel accepted the offer down this dark path and began the secret trials of his apprenticeship. Unbeknownst to anyone in Arcatheos, and hidden even from the eyes of ArchLord Valerian, he swore allegiance to Reth Maloch, giving his oath of service in return for training in the ancient ways of the ArchLords.



Race: Duxarium 
Elethia, born 7,243 years before the 1st Age
Current Age: 
9,137 in the year 157 of the 2nd Age
Skill Mastery: 
Shock Warfare, Element of Fire, Swordsmanship
Chief Vices: 
Wrath and Vanity

Originally known as Morinius, he was born in the old realm and his family lived on the northeast side of Elethia near the cliffs of Ungdar. His response to the King’s grace would come later than most, when he was nearly 3000 years old. Wanting to answer the call of many of his friends before him, he enlisted in the King’s Legion.

His skill in battle was beyond impressive, and he submitted himself to study the element of fire under Valerian himself. He was eventually promoted to the rank of Captain, at which time he implemented his devastating shock warfare tactics to those under his command. The enemy had become accustomed to the Legion’s strategy in avoiding losses on both sides at all costs. Morinius amassed an incredible victory in one battle by sacrificing his own men to win the day. Once his strategy was realized, he was demoted by Gabron who stopped short of expelling him from the Legion altogether.

He crossed the Sea of Realms with the main fleet, and soon found favor again when he was called by the Great King to become one of the seven ArchLords. After receiving his new call, he seemed to many to have finally shed his former ambitions and impulsive nature. For centuries he protected the eastern borders of those loyal to the King, and at times ventured beyond the known lands in hunt of the Valgrey. However, as is well known in history, the virtues he had been portraying were not to last. When asked by the council to intervene in a dispute between Lumenorians, he became enraged by the lack of respect shown to him and the Duxarium. He declared Granak and all his nobles insignificant in comparison with his elevated nature, and unleashed a fury no mortal should ever have to behold.

Convicted of murder by the ArchLords, he was excommunicated and fled east before his arrest. He declared himself Reth Maloch, took command of the Valgrey, and would soon wage war upon all of those still loyal to the Great King. After nearly succeeding in taking the passageway between realms in Arcatheos, he was captured in the Great Battle of the 1st Age. Imprisoned for a time in the pit of Silentius by ArchLord Valerian, he would in time be released by his followers and prove himself to be a plague upon the realm of Lumenorus.