Here the accounts of those who have fallen will be given mention. Bereft of the King's grace, they constantly seek to inflict harm on those who serve the legions of Arcātheos.

reth Caedus

Wreth Caedus BioOrigins: Duxarium (now a Valgray)
1st Age, 266th year                                 

Skill Mastery:  Knowledge of Fire, Swordsmanship

He once was one of the fabled Duxarium, destined to live forever serving the King and his own. At the dawn of the First Age, ArchLord Valerian, while exploring the wild mountain ranges of Zotheus, came across a small child living in the wilderness. Having no relatives, Lord Valerian allowed the child to remain in the temple, naming him Zothaniel.


Towards the end of the First Age, a small trickle of doubt began to seep into his once pure and noble mind. His whole being was about to be tested at the outbreak of the Great War. Unlike his closed friend Aurelius, who was sent to the defense of Praedor, Zothaniel remained at the side of Lord Valerian in Arcātheos. Despite the fall of Praedor, Aurelius returned as a decorated hero. He and Aurielus were united in the last defence on the Hill of The King. They had both trained their whole lives for this moment. It would be an honor to die at the side of Lord Valerian.

Of the Heroes to emerge from the Great War, Aurelius was considered the greatest. For his deeds he would eventually become the head of the Royal Guard, answering only to Lord Valerian himself. All the deeds of Zothaniel were soon forgotten and passed into history. His jealousy inevitably turned to hate. Hatred towards Aurelius and his glory, hatred towards Valerian for not seeing his potential, hatred even for the King who caused him to suffer so.


Like a whisper, the spirit of Reth Maloch spoke to him offering power, glory, and acceptance. When ones heart is full of arrogance there is no room for the words of the King. Zothaniel readily accepted the offer of the Dark Lord and began the trials of his apprenticeship. Unbeknownst to anyone in Arcātheos, and hidden even from the eyes of Lord Valerian, he swore allegiance to Reth Maloch, giving his oath of service in return for training in the ancient ways of the ArchLords. And thus did he become the enemy now feared throughout all of Lumenorus, Reth Caedus.