Here you will read tales of some of the valiant ones, who can be found throughout the realm of Lumenorus. These great men do not credit themselves with the victories achieved, or skills they possess. Rather, they attribute all as gifts from the great King.


heros and villains valerianOrigins: Duxarium 
Born: Before the 1st age
Skill Mastery: Strategic Warfare, Healing Arts, Knowledge of Elements
Chief Virtues: Justice & Mercy
Commision : Guardian of Arcātheos, Ruler of the Duxarium

Valerian is one of The Seven, chosen from amongst the Duxarium to be formed by the King Himself. Born long before the first age of Lumenorus, he was witness to the King's vision in the beginning. He then mysteriously disappeared for centuries. In that time, he wandered the four corners of the realm, taking in the full majesty of this new creation.

He was the first to discover the secret entrance to the Abyss of Silentius, deep within the mountains of Solandil. Legend has it, that he descended obediently into what is considered to be an inescapable prison, on a mission asked of him by the King. There he wandered the caverns of the great pit some forty years, a perilous journey culminating in ever increasing forms of pain and suffering. On the day he was permitted to find the key to his escape, he sustained what should have been a mortal wound to his chest.

He was named by the other Arch-Lords as Guardian of the Hill of the King, which he later renamed Arcātheos. There he forged the gate, a marvelous wonder, capable of transporting legions of warriors into service when called upon. Through it, he also created a hidden passageway, a realm within a realm, that would become Captivenia.  There he helped to settle the young Princess Leisuara, daughter of Gabron, until she was of age to rule her own Kingdom..


AMbassador Gawan

Origins: Lumenorian (human descent)Gawan
2nd age, 45th year
Skill Mastery:
Chief Virtue:
Ambassador of Arcātheos

Gawan was born in the city of Shanoth, south of the Great River, soon after the dawn of the second age. His parents were successful merchants who strengthened trade between Meridianas and Captivenia. Growing up, his family travelled regularly into Arcātheos, passing through the main gate into the protected realm. When he was sixteen, he was allowed to venture off to sit in attendance at the Royal Court of Arcātheos.

While in session, a rather complicated dispute between two neighboring settlements was being debated. The proceedings were interrupted when Gawan was signaled out of the crowd and asked to give his impression on the matter.  After its conclusion, he was affirmed for his wisdom, and his friends were invited by Lord Valerian into the King’s temple. From that day forward, and to his surprise, a member of the Royal Guard was assigned to protect him as he progressed through his studies, back in Meridianas Arbor. At the age of 23, he returned to Arcātheos, and has served as Ambassador ever since.


General Praefortis

heros and villains praefortisOrigins: Lumenorian (human descent)
Born: 2nd Age, 46th Year
Skill Mastery: Swordsmanship, Artillery, Strategy of War
Chief Virtue: Prudence
Commision: Legion Commander 

Descending from a distinguished line of military leaders, his grandfather died protecting Aurelius, as one of the first Praedorian Rangers in the Great War. After the subsequent death of his father, at the hands of the enemy, he made a silent vow to help rid Lumenorus of all evil.

His early career was an aggressive campaign of ruthless battles, driving the enemy day by day further into the East. The courage and valor he displayed during this time led to several promotions. However, it was his passion to take on evil by himself that became his downfall.

He was tricked into serving the very enemy he had sworn to hate, and viciously attacked a settlement he believed to be hostile. At this his darkest moment, when he realized several servants of the King lay mortally wounded through the imprudent will of his sword, the King’s mercy came to him through the healing hands of Lord Valerian. By a singular grace of the King, and after several weeks of a physician’s care, each of the wounded were snatched from the grips of death. Thus Praefortis’ conscience was spared from an even deeper guilt than the many he already bore. For a year he made penance by rebuilding the small village he had attacked in haste. He was a changed man, fully aware of his need to follow the will of the King in all matters, rather than his own. Fully reinstated into the King’s forces, he was in turn elevated to the rank of General. Under his leadership, reside the Royal Artillery, Tower Guards, and the Praedorian Rangers.


Prince REInhart

Origins: Lumenorian (human descent)reinhart
Born: 2nd age, 67th year
Skill Mastery: Swordsmanship
Chief Virtue: Integrity
Commision: Prince of Meridianas

It was only recently discovered that Reinhart was a descendent of royal blood. This news came after a scroll attesting to his birth was presented to the royal court in Meridianas Arbor. It is undeniable now, that he is the nephew of Annalise, and therefore first cousin to Princess Leisuara of Captivenia.

He was humbled by this news, as his parents had been killed while he was a small child. They say he was found wandering the battlefields at the age of four in the year 71 of the second age, with no other survivors to speak for him. He was then raised by a noble family who enlisted him in the military. After an impressive succession of advancements, he was made Commander of the 1st Auxillary. This of course, was the well known and prestigious troops who followed Lord Gabron against Reth Maloch, in the Great War. Commander Reinhart first crossed the great river into Arcātheos in the 147th year of the second age.

Rejecting the comfort awaiting him in the marble halls of Meridianas, he travelled into the rugged north after hearing of the great devastation laid upon them by Reth Caedus.  Aftter the tragic death of Chieftain Thorhlem, he rallied the remaining Norselords and won the battle of Tarek in the year 151 of the 2nd age. At the request of Princess Geneve, he has remained there until this day helping to re-fortify the Kingdom of Caelor.


Commander Aurelius

Origins: Duxarium Aurelius on the March
Born: 1st age, 244th year
Skill Mastery: Close Combat, Swordsmanship
Chief Virtue: Loyalty 
Commision: High Commander of the Praedorian Rangers

Aurelius descends from a noble lineage amongst the Duxarium. His ancestors were tasked with protecting the treasures of the ancient court. After the arrival of mankind into Lumenorus, the entrance to the court was buried, and its location concealed. This was done to prevent humans from discovering the Duxarium until the alloted time. Many of these treasures have since been scattered across the four corners of the realm, their location known only to a few. This has made Aurelius a primary target of Reth Maloch, and many attempts have been made to capture him.

He proved his worth more than a thousand fold in the Great War of the 1st age. When he saw that an assault on Arcātheos was imminent, he scoured Lumenorus to recruit the finest warriors from the race of men. He personally trained these 40 soldiers, who would comprise the first of the Praedorian Rangers. It was they who stood with Aurelius, as the last defense at the main gate.

His heroic valor goes beyond recognition, and he was later appointed as Head of the Royal Guard. He is considered by many to be one of the closest friends and advisor to Lord Valerian, a brotherhood forged in service to the King. With the loss of the Tower of Praedor, in the year 151 he was relieved of his duty to serve Valerian, and began once again directly training the Praedorian Rangers in hopes to reclaim their lost territory.


Justinian the Loyal

heros and villains justinian 2Origins: Duxarium 
Born:1st Age, 134th Year
Skill Mastery: Archery, Knowledge of Fire
Chief Virtue:Loyalty
Commision: Member of Valerian's Guard

Until recently, the details concerning the lineage of Justinian’s family have been concealed from all but a select few. Born in the mountains of Solandil, his father Marvius was rumoured to have saved the life of the Arch-Lord Praesidium during the battle for the Western Sea.  In the year 782 of the 1st age, when Lord Praesidium was engaged in single combat, a cowardly Valgray impaled him in the back with a flaming spear. Before the enemy could deliver a second blow, Marvius leapt in the way and himself was pierced through the chest. Lord Praesidium not only healed Justinian’s father, but gave him his blessing and prayed for ongoing faithfulness and loyalty for his descendants. In thankfulness for the gift of life, he also asked for a singular grace to be bestowed upon that of his sons.   

When Justinian was only a young Duxarium, he realized he had been graced with a powerful gift that he could neither explain nor control. He was therefore sent to be guided by the Arch-Lord Valerian, who was known to be a master of fire. Since then, he has not only learned to control this element, but has realized that with every act of faithfulness or loyalty, his powers continue to grow. Realizing the potential to be corrupted by this tremendous power, as an act of humility he voluntarily lays this power down for a moon’s cycle once every century.  This tradition has helped remind him that his powers come from the King, and not his own strength. 


heros and villains castius


Origins: Duxarium
Born: 1st Age, 968th year
Skill Mastery: Swordsmanship, Knowledge of Water
Chief Virtue: Fortitude
Commission: Member of Valerian’s Guard

Castius belongs to a family of Duxarium that settled in the northern regions of Lumenorus, beyond the borders of Caelor. As a child he was taught how to track the wolves that were terrorizing the northern villages. Before long he had proven himself to be a skilled hunter who would deliver the homesteads of others from such threats. What gained attention from afar was on the day he found himself hunted, and eventually surrounded by an overwhelming pack of wolves. Preparing himself for his final stand, he said a prayer to the King and knelt down on the frozen tundra. Suddenly, the snow around him melted and turned into steam. Then as if guided, he raised his arms and struck the entire pack with what appeared to be spears of water.

Within days he was visited by the Arch-Lords Valerian and Legarius. It was discerned that he had been given the rare gift to understand and control the very ‘Springs of Lumenorus.’ He was brought back to Arcātheos, so as to be properly guided in his training. He stands to this day as a respected member of Valerian’s Royal Guard.


Captain Titus

heros and villains titusOrigins: Lumenorian (human descent) 
Born: 2nd Age, 53rd year
Skill Mastery: Close Combat, Swordsmanship
Chief Virtue: Justice 
Commission: Captain of the Praedorian Guard

Amos, as he was originally named, suffered greatly at the age of 14 when Dröch massacred his village in eastern Praedor. His father, a renowned and virtuous Ranger, was credited in saving the lives of everyone except himself and his wife. For 6 years Amos was held in captivity by the Droch, forced to fight and steal to survive as he slaved in the mines of Tenebror.  Failing to see the King’s hand in his escape, these dark years left their mark and he publicly rejected his faith. In a spiral of moral decay, he was sentenced to a prison in Meridianas Arbor after burning a tavern to the ground in a quarrel.

It was there that his path crossed with Gawan, the newly appointed Ambassador of Arcātheos. After spending time with Gawan, he was reminded of his father’s legacy and asked to know the great forgiveness and mercy the King grants. Seeing that his heart was sincere, Gawan made arrangements to bring him before Arch-Lord Legarius. Though he received pardon, Amos stood before the court unable to make restitution towards the family who had suffered financial ruin at his hand. Unbeknownst to him, the Ambassador had already made arrangements for the Praedorian Rangers to pay his debt in exchange for 12 years of military service.  Working up the ranks, he has vowed to honour his parent’s memory through his own journey in holiness.

He has continued to serve faithfully with the Praedorian Rangers long after his term had passed. In the year 151 of the 2nd age he was renamed Titus by Arch-Lord Valerian, the true meaning of which was disclosed only to himself.