Immortal Duxarium

The Duxarium are a race unto their own, existing in both power and nature somewhere between the mortals and the divine spirits. Blessed with immortality, they have a higher understanding of the spiritual realm than their mortal counterparts. But unlike the spirits, they have bodies and as such have an inherent vulnerability. What powers they possess are not magic, though mortals could mistake their abilities for such. Instead, their enhanced gifts are simply the expression of their natural abilities. The noblest office of the Duxarium is that of intercessors and mentors for mankind.


Race: Duxariumheros and villains valerian2 
Origins: Elethia, born 8242 years before the 1st Age 
Current Age: 10,139 in the year 160 of the 2nd Age
Skill Mastery: Strategic Warfare, Healing Arts, Mastery of Elements, Understanding of Realms and Knowledge of Souls
Chief Virtues: Justice and Mercy
Commissions & Titles: First Prince of the Duxarium, ArchLord, First Duxarium to Return to Elethia. 

This humble servant was already greatly respected for founding an order of knights known as the King's Legion back in Elethia. After his strategic victory over the Valgrey he was one of seven chosen to be personally formed by the King when the Duxarium first arrived on the western shores of Lumenorus. 

ArchLord Valerian was the first to discover the secret entrance to the Abyss of Silentius within the mountains of Solandil. Legend has it that he descended into what was considered to be an inescapable prison, on a mission asked of him by the King. There he wandered the caverns of the great pit some forty years, a perilous journey culminating in ever increasing forms of personal sacrifice for him. He attests this was done to continue to strip himself of his pride, so that the King's presence would be more manifested through him. On the day he was permitted to find the key to his escape, he sustained what should have been a fatal wound to his chest.

He was crowned by the other ArchLords as the First Prince of the Duxarium, a title he initially tried to refuse. After the King instructed him to accept this honor, he gave nearly all of the realm entrusted to him away to five new royal bloodlines. After that he set them free from his direct rule, so that they would give all glory to the great King alone. He would remain as Guardian of the Hill of the King, which he would rename as Arcātheos. It was there that he forged the gate, a marvelous wonder capable of transporting legions of warriors into service when called upon. Through this gate, and in collaboration with the King, he also helped to create the ‘realm within a realm’ which would eventually become known as Captivenia.  

ArchLord Valerian would serve 1,898 years bringing the good news of the King to many souls during his time in Lumenorus. Then in the year 159 of the 2nd Age he was afforded a grace never before offered to the Duxarium. He was called by King to be the first to be allowed to return to the realm of Elethia. Before setting off across the Sea of Realms, he would name Lord Castius as Guardian of Arcātheos, Protector of Captivenia, and Keeper of the Sword of Silentius. In addition to this, and as an even greater sign that he may not be returning to Lumenorus, he abdicated the throne and named his closest friend Illyria as the First Princess of the Duxarium.

To this day a monument remains protected on the Hill of the King, in remembrance of ArchLord Valerian’s loyalty and many sacrifices. It is here that all are encouraged to consider that Elethia in all its glory, is but a taste of the true paradise being offered for all eternity to those loyal to the King.


Princess Illyria

Race: Duxariumheros and villains illyria                        Origins: Elethia, born 7106 years before the 1st Age
Current Age: 9,003 in the year 160 of the 2nd Age
Gifts: Light of the King, The Queen's Mantle, Visions, and Knowledge of Souls
Guiding Virtues: Wisdom and Integrity
Commissions & Titles : Princess of the Duxarium and Captivenia, Founder of the Order of Light, and Lady of Elethia

In the beginning, Illyria seemed to be a rather unremarkable child. Born on the Isle of the Blessed before the Duxarium crossed the sea between realms into Lumenorus, she was quiet, timid and recluse. However, unbeknownst to her, the King had blessed her with a very unique and powerful gift. One that she would only discover in time and which the enemy would seek to possess.

Her father Constantius was a master ship builder, responsible for the craft that Lord Gabron used to circumvent the Isle. However, Constantius was unexpectedly taken from her while sailing his caravel near the cliffs of Ungdar. At first, his death was believed to be an accident but it was later revealed that he was the first of many casualties in an unspeakable war.

After a time of great darkness, Illyria resolved to completely dedicate her life to the King, in gratitude for the great debt that she owed to Him. She approached Valerian, hoping to pledge her eternal allegiance to the King and His will. However, recognizing the depth of her devotion, but respecting the uniqueness of her call, he instructed his knights to build for her a sanctuary in a guarded area at the base of a mountain, so that she might discern for herself what the King was asking her to do.

Eventually, war descended upon the Isle and consumed it. Many were lost in the tides of battle and during that time, Illyria was graced with powerful visions, several of which preserved the lives of many innocent Duxarium. Her counsel was requested by many high ranking knights and served them well during the war. She played a hidden, but powerful role in Lord Valerian’s final victory over the enemy and received many graces from the King, including a depth of faith that enabled her to physically manifest His light in the world in a way that had never been seen before. At this time, and under the King’s guidance, she founded the Order of Light and was joined by many female Duxarium seeking to wholy dedicate themselves to the King.

Almost 30 years later,  Illyria was visited by the King in a dream. There, he showed her a world, where many beloved souls were relentlessly assailed by dark forces. She recounted her vision and other details of the future to Valerian who immediately directed his knights to begin crafting a fleet of sailing ships. The design was given to them by Illyria herself, the product of her father’s greatest works, which were entrusted to her before his death.

On the day of their departure, Illyria stood on the Western shore and bid farewell to 700 Knights of the King and 11,000 other Duxarium. She did not know that almost 1900 years later she too would join them in the realm of Lumenorous and be crowned Princess of Captivenia.



Race: Duxariumheros and villains castius2                                                Origins: Lumenorus, born in the year 968 of the 1st Age
Current Age: 929 in the year 160 of the 2nd Age
Skill Mastery: Knowledge of Water and Swordsmanship
Chief Virtue: Fortitude
Commissions & Titles: Guardian of Arcātheos, Protector of Captivenia, and Keeper of the Sword of Silentius

Castius belongs to a family of Duxarium that settled in the northern regions of Lumenorus beyond the borders of Caelor. As a child he was taught how to track the wolves that were terrorizing the northern villages. Before long he had proven himself to be a skilled hunter who would deliver the homesteads of others from such threats. What gained attention from afar was on the day he found himself hunted and eventually surrounded by an overwhelming pack of wolves. Preparing himself for his final stand he said a prayer to the King and knelt down on the frozen tundra. Suddenly, the snow around him melted and turned into steam. Then as if guided, he raised his arms and struck the entire pack with what appeared to be spears of water.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Within days he was visited by the ArchLords Valerian and Legarius. He was brought back to Arcātheos so as to be properly guided in his training. He served for many years as a respected member of ArchLord Valerian’s Royal Guard, and was elevated to the rank of Commander.                                                                                                                                             
In the year 159 of the 2nd Age he was humbled to be declared a Lord, and appointed as the new Guardian of Arcātheos. With this he currently bears the weight of the most strategically important position in the entire Realm of Lumenorus.


commander Justinian

Race: Duxarium 
Origins: Lumenorus, born in the year 134 of the 1st Age 
Current Age: 1,763 in the year 160 of the 2nd Age
Skill Mastery: Knowledge of Fire and Archery
Chief Virtue:Loyalty
Commissions & Titles: Commander of the Knight's Council 

Born in the mountains of Solandil, his father Marvius was rumoured to have saved the life of the ArchLord Praesidium.  In the year 74 of the 1st age, the ArchLord was engaged in single combat, when a second Valgrey impaled him in the back with a flaming spear. Before the enemy could deliver a second blow, Marvius lept in the way and himself was pierced through the chest. ArchLord Praesidium not only healed Justinian’s father, but gave him his blessing and prayed for ongoing faithfulness and loyalty for his descendants. In thankfulness for the gift of life, he also asked for a singular grace to be bestowed upon that of his sons.   

When Justinian was only a young Duxarium, he realized he had been graced with a powerful gift that he could neither explain nor control. He was therefore sent to be guided by the ArchLord Valerian, who was known to be a master of fire. Since then, he has not only learned to control this element, but has realized that with every act of faithfulness or loyalty, his powers continue to grow. Realizing the potential to be corrupted by this tremendous gift, as an act of humility he voluntarily lays this power down for a moon’s cycle once every century.  This tradition has helped remind him that everything good in him comes from the King, and not through his own strength. 


captain Darvaeus

Race: Duxarium heros and villains conrad
Origins: Caelor, born in the year 138 of the 2nd Age 
Current Age: 22 years old in the year 160 of the 2nd Age
Skill Mastery: Knowledge of Earth, Tracking, Swordsmanship & Hand to Hand Combat
Chief Virtue: Humility & Resilience
Commissions & Titles: Rank of Captain, serving in the Legion of Arcātheos

From a young age he was taught by his parents to be resilient through intense exposure to the wilderness, often surviving on his own for days at a time under the harshest conditions that a Caelorian winter could afford. Despite this, the toughest experience of his childhood would prove to be the passing of his mother at the hands of a Valgrey. After her death, he began to discover his ability to manipulate the elements within the ground, in one instance trapping the feet of some bandits until they could be taken into custody.                                                                                                                                                                         
He strongly believed in the mission of Arcātheos to defend the greater realm and train leaders
that had a deep knowledge of the King. He enlisted with the Legion and rose quickly through the
ranks. As he grew in his military prowess and leadership, his unparalleled skill in reading the
land came to the attention of ArchLord Valerian when he managed to track an Inferiun who had
changed form multiple times, infiltrating the Royal Court. Darvaeus currently serves the King as
a captain within the Legion of Arcātheos.


captain Elorian

heros and villains elorian 1Race: Duxarium 
Origins: Lumenorus, born in the year 139 of the 2nd Age 
Current Age: 21 in the year 160 of the 2nd Age
Skill Mastery: Knowledge of Air and Water
Chief Virtue: Self-awareness and Sincerity
Commissions & Titles: Rank of Captain, currently serving in the King's Royal Navy

Although young even by mortal standards, he was graced as a child with being able to bear the Light of the King to drive Reth Caedus from Captivenia, as well as to bring the Inferiun Lady Reagan back to the King's Mercy. Through this grace, he gained an extensive understanding of himself, which was also accompanied by great temptations. 

Originally found as an orphan in a burning village with his lineage being unknown, he was given the name Justin by those who cared for him. When a powerful heirloom of his ancestors surfaced in Captivenia, an object capable of bringing prosperity and enhancing the natural abilities of whoever bore it, he was able to use the relic to drive away those who sought to use its power for personal gain. From that day he took on the name Elorian and entered into active military service with the Duxarium. He is currently assigned to the King's Royal Navy, where he serves under the guidance of Lord Admiral Aeterian. 



Admiral Aeterian

Race: Duxariumheros and villains aeterian 
Origins: Elethia, born 5898 years before the 1st Age
Current Age: 7,795 in the year 160 of the 2nd Age
Skill Mastery:Mastery of Water and King's Shield 
Chief Virtues: Humility, Total Devotion to the Queen of All Realms
Commission & Titles: Lord Admiral of the King's Navy and Bearer of the King's Shield

Born in the old realm, Aeterian served as one of the first of Valerian's knights dedicated unconditionally to the Will of the King. He stood at Valerian's side in the 'unspeakable war' prior to the arrival of the Duxarium in Lumenorus. So gifted in his knowledge of water, he is rumoured to command a greater power of the Springs of Lumenorus than even the ArchLords. 

In the year 10 of the 1st age, Aeterian was named Lord Admiral of the King's Royal Navy. When not at sea, he resides at his naval base on the island of Constantius off the coast of Solandil. In the year 1441 of the 1st age, he was visited in a vision by the Queen of all Realms. For his devotion to her, she gifted him knowledge of a hidden underwater cavern off the coast of Constantius. She instructed him on how to forge this into a powerful gateway, allowing him to travel throughout the realm at will. She also interceded to obtain a special grace for him, which would later be known as the King's Shield. 

In the great war of the 1st age he unleashed this powerful defensive gift for the first time in the presence of the Duxarium. When Reth Maloch called down fire upon the auxiliary of Meridianas, Aeterian single handedly absorbed the full brunt of the first blast. He was credited with saving the lives of 23 Duxarium and 71 Calvary on that day. 


Princess Genevé

Race: Duxariumheros and villains geneve 02 
Origins: Lumenorus, born in the year 849 of the 1st Age
Current Age: 1,048 in the year 160 of the 2nd Age
Gifts: Knowledge of the Healing Arts
Guiding Virtues: Knowledge and Justice
Commissions & Titles: Princess of Caelor and Keeper of the Legends of Lumenorus

Genevé was born in the capital city of Tarek, located in the northeast region of Caelor. Her father was a gifted healer and served as a mentor to ArchLord Valerian in his early years. He was also the appointed commander of the northern army, and was killed while journeying beyond the known lands to the east before she could celebrate her second birthday. Tragedy would be a close companion of the young Genevé who also lost her mother when the stronghold she lived in was overthrown by the Valgrey. Before her death, it was known that Natalia suffered at the hands of the enemy who were anxious to discover the location of some artifacts entrusted to her by her husband. Realizing that Natalia would never surrender to them what they sought, the enemy then began to search for her child, hoping she would have been privy to its potential hiding place. 

Without delay, the remaining Duxarium fled with Genevé, who was only four years old. They evaded trackers for days and were relentlessly pursued by the Valgrey until their was only one soldier left to protect her. The pair was finally rescued by ArchLord Legarius, shortly after Tarek was reclaimed by the King's Legion. The soldier, whose name was Hadelin, turned over a mysterious scroll, as well as a carefully wrapped artifact into the care of the ArchLord. It was at this point Genevé was brought to be raised in Meridians, and her identity was concealed. 

Over the years, she developed a passion for the realm of Lumenorus and its many tales, both great and small. After coming of age, she left her adopted family and spent years travelling the realm, learning its cultures, delving into its histories. She uncovered many ancient legends that had been. lost in the trials of time and change. She would not discover the truth of her origins until her millenial birthday. In the year 151 of the 2nd age, ArchLord Valerian arrived bearing a gift as well as a message from ArchLord Legarius. After presenting her with the Book of Healing, he revealed to all her true identity. Lady Genevé was in fact the last remaining heir of the Kingdom of Caelor, the only child of Alusdar, brother of the first monarch. She willingly assumed the throne left vacant by the death of her uncle who had no children, and continues to rule with a gentle hand in Tarek to this day. 


Leisaura of Meridianas

Race: Duxarium & Lumenorianpic22
Origins: Lumenorus, born in the year 1737 of the 1st Age
Current Age: 160 in the year 160 of the 2nd Age
Gifts: Knowledge, Visions, and Light of the King
Commissions & Titles: High Abbess of the Lauravita

Leisaura is a unique creation in her own right, born of the union between an immortal Duxarium and a Lumenorian.  Her father was the ArchLord Gabron, one of the seven who was chosen by the King to rule over the Duxarium with great power. Only days after her birth, her father gave his blessing and left urgently to defend Valerian’s Gate on the Hill of the King. There he died heroically defending the realm from Reth Maloch and his legions. Her mother was the enchanting Princess Annalise of Meridianas, a direct descendant of the Florian bloodline. 

After the death of her father, ArchLord Valerian knew that Leisaura and her mother would be forever hunted by the Dröch army.  It was at this time that he opened the hidden passage within the main gate of Arcātheos, revealing the mysterious sanctuary deep in the woodlands of Guarelle.  He also chose four hundred villagers, displaced by the uprisings, and gave them the opportunity to settle in this protected region he named Captivenia.  Unknown to the settlers, Princess Annalise had entered with her daughter in the first year of the second age, accompanied by two female Duxarium. They journeyed on farther than the others, finding an area of total seclusion at the base of a beautiful mountain.  After the natural death of her mother at the age of 392 years old, she would be crowned as the rightful heir of Captivenia in the year 146.  

For 8 years she helped define the mission of Captivenia, which formed maidens to bring the King’s message and healing to distant lands. In the year 152 she was given a special honour, and was permitted to see the King face to face. Since then she has grown in the gift of Knowledge, and has been granted special visions to see events transpiring in various kingdoms. In the year 154 she abdicated the throne of Captivenia, and retired into prayerful seclusion with a community of the Lauravita on an island in the Southern Sea.  


Lady Tauria

Race: Duxariumheros and villains tauria 
Origins: Sea of Realms, born on the 1st day of the 1st Age
Current Age: 1,897 in the year 160 of the 2nd Age
Gifts: Archery, Knowledge of Water, and Navigational Prowess
Guiding Virtues
Commissions & Titles: Duxarium Royal Cartographer

Tauria was born at sea to Captain Thaele and his wife Cassiana during the crossing into Lumenorus. This sign of new life brought joy to the Duxarium, who were engaged in a relentless battle with Valgrey ships since departing the Isle of the Blessed. Tasked with protecting the rear guard of the fleet, their ship had sustained heavy damage while pursued by enemy vessels of war. Her birth came on the morning before they emerged from the Great Fog. This makes her the only known Duxarium to be born between realms. 

The Speriel, among other ships, docked at the first large island to make repairs and help to establish a defensive outpost. Tauria would learn to take her first steps on the island before her family would move to the mainland of what would come to be known as Solandil. She was raised in the city of Tandaurum, though she spend much of her time at sea due to its calling in her family. She inherited power over the waters from her mother, and displayed great skill and interest in the navigation and charting of the unknown coastlines. Tauria is credited with the addition of numerous maps of both northern and southern islands. Though in all of her works as a cartographer, she is most known for discerning the route through the Northern Passage. Knowledge of this has allowed those in the King's Navy to sail from Solandil to the Sea of Caelor, a route which had previously been considered impassable. 

Tauria was taken captive by the enemy while charting the coastlines beyond the known lands in the northeast. Her entire crew was killed and she remained a prisoner for nearly a year. Reth Caedus brought her as a hostage to the Battle of Tarek in 151 of the 2nd age, after being unable to obtain any navigational secrets from her. During the battle, she was liberated by Admiral Aeterian and his fleet, and returned with them to Solandil. Having received wounds in captivity that inhibited her ability to manipulate water, she went to heal and relearn what she had lost under the guidance of ArchLord Valerian.