The Front Lines

Strongholds of Honour


The Legion of Arcātheos was honoured to welcome a diplomatic envoy from Captivenia, including the Princess Illyria herself. However, enemy ambitions and a precarious alliance placed the Captivenians in great peril...

Shifting Loyalties

Interpreting his growing loyalty to Lady Mara as a weakness, Reth Caedus murdered his devoted follower in cold blood. He then proceeded to form an alliance with Nefariel, the purpose of which was to kill Princess Illyria and her companions in hopes of amassing greater power. In response to this new threat, Lord Valerian led the Legion of Arcātheos in pledging themselves as Protectors of Captivenia. 

A House Divided Cannot Stand

Nefariel made several unsuccessful attempts on the life of Princess Illyria, using his shapeshifting ability to pose as trusted officers. All were thwarted by the courage and valour of Arcātheans such as Commanders Castius and Titus, who risked their lives for her protection. Eventually, Caedus and Nefariel resorted to a brutal assault on the castle itself. However, Nefariel withdrew his forces, leaving Caedus and his followers cut off and greatly outnumbered. Swiftly apprehended by Commander Titus and Lord Admiral Aeterian, Caedus was sent to the Abyss of Silentius to await trial for his many crimes against the realm.

Rumours From the East

Meanwhile, Lady Tauria of the Western Sea has travelled into the Unknown Lands following a trail of evidence that ArchLord Tirson may still be alive. He was up to this point presumed dead after he and ArchLord Carthāneous failed to return from their pursuit of Reth Maloch many centuries ago. The possibility of his survival is both perplexing and mysterious.