The Front Lines

To Serve is to Reign


It is an exciting time in the realm as trade with the Kingdom of Ferredon has begun to open up for the first time in over 600 years...

Old Friends Welcomed

Rangers are again being permitted to enter the northern regions to share the good news as ambassadors of Arcātheos. Where the wisdom of the Duxarium failed for years to open any meaningful dialogue, the services rendered by the Rangers has finally brought healing with those living in chaos. For they have remained a divided kingdom since the fall of their monarch centuries ago. To that end, an invitation has been sent to many nobles and common folk, asking them to come and hear more about the grace of the King this summer. 

Old Foes Return

Meanwhile, it was discovered this past winter that a threat which has existed since long before the dawn of Lumenorus has returned. There is a unique bloodline of Valgrey, previously known as the Inferiun, which had not been seen since the great war of the 1st age.  As their natural abilities allow them to elude even the keen sense of ArchLord Valerian, there was need to bring in the only Duxarium known to have the ability to discern their presence. Admiral Aeterian was summoned from his naval base in Solandil to answer this urgent threat. His gift from the King allows him to see through their deception, for they can change shape and hide their identities at will.

The venerable scholar Cyriacus describes their name as meaning the “faceless ones.” He further asserts that rarely throughout history have these individuals appeared, or more accurately, been discovered. The Phantor, who once plagued Captivenia, was one of their kind from more recent history. It is speculated that Zothaniel, or Caedus as he is now known, shares her direct lineage. This revelation explains why he was not detected by ArchLord Valerian before his betrayal. Certain members of the Arcāthean hierarchy believe that the Inferiun will fill the void and claim the power vacated by the banishments of Reth Maloch and Caedus. 

Of course one must never discount Reth Maloch. He was humbled in battle by his son last summer, but not defeated. He still controls legions of Dröch in the East, and his reach extends throughout enemy territories. Caedus still retains allies and can pose a threat at any moment he chooses. One could ask if there will be a resurgence of former power, an unchecked rise of the Inferiun, or some sort of alliance between these enemies of Arcātheos.